University Projects

Game Screen 1

unityicon 3dsicon psicon Griffith Gear Solid: Student’s Creed

In collaboration with a friend, Jack Rand, we created a game in Unity. Objective is to return your assignment to win.



flashicon psicon Board to Death

Along with Joel Molloy, I created a flash game promoting education. Little did we know it would be used as an example for future students.



solidworksicon psicon Timbersaw Model

I created this model of an infamous video game character, Timbersaw from Dota 2. Well, his mechanical suit at least.



3dsicon psicon Flying Steampunk Ship

A colleague of mine, Iain Aberdour and I created this flying steampunk ship model from scratch in 3DS Max.


Personal Projects


war3icon Hero RPG

When I was only fourteen years old, I created this custom map on my own, which I view as quite an achievement.