Current Employment

Club Helensvale – Bar Staff

I am currently employed as part of the bar staff at Club Helensvale, in Helensvale, Queensland, Australia. It is there I learned to be much more confident and friendly with people I did not know at first, such as customers. It has helped me learn about communication, teamwork, safety, manual handling and the importance of doing what is expected, if not more.

I have also learned a lot about the Food and Hospitality industry, as before I was part of the bar staff I worked on the floor as a cleaner, waiter and helper. Surprisingly, I learned a lot of communication skills working on the floor, because of all the customers that talked to me during my shifts.

Previous Employment

Work Experience – Kranz International College

I did not have a proper job before my job at Club Helensvale, however I did have a week of work experience at a College in Adelaide City. I mostly did filing and data entry on the computers there, and did not converse much with customers or students, but it was a good starting place to get to know what was needed of me in a place like that.