Hero RPG

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Warcraft III: Frozen Throne Map Editor – Hero RPG

This is one of the things that I am most proud of – my custom map made on Warcraft III’s Editor – Hero RPG. A very original name, I agree. I am most proud of this map only because of how young I was when I made it… a mere fourteen years old. I used a lot of in-game models and custom models (all referenced in game) but I am completely amazed at how I was able to construct such a map at the time. I spent hours and hour on this map, coding everything (with the template coder that the editor has) to include quests, a large number of different heroes and NPCs, and storylines. I look back at my fourteen year-old self and ask, how did I manage to create such a game when I didn’t know half the stuff I know now?
The story revolves around three kingdoms defending themselves and finally overcoming other kingdoms of darkness. The game involves the undead, orcs, ogres, all the bad guys you would normally find in a fantasy map. I created this map completely by myself with a few tips and tricks from other players that I was friends with online. I must have spent hours going through heroes, custom spells and custom models, making everything perfect. It is unfortunate that Warcraft III: Frozen Throne is such an outdated game, now, however. It was a really cool map.

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